Public and political opinion on texting laws

The first distracted driving laws in the United States began being implemented in 2008. In Europe, laws began being implemented even sooner. There has been some resistance to these new distracted driving laws, but most have welcomed them with open arms. And so, there has also been little resistance from politicians to pass such laws.

But over the past several years, even while new texting laws are taking effect globally, texting and driving rates have only increased dramatically. People are simply ignoring the laws. Instead, they just try to hide the practice. And this is where we start running into problems.

Why driving while texting laws are dangerous

Very little research has gone into these laws. Most people believe it’s just common sense to have these laws in place. What proponents didn’t take into account was the consequence of these new regulations. Allow me to explain…

Drivers are even more distracted than ever

You see, before driving while texting became illegal, motorists didn’t have to hide the activity. Even if they performed texting in plain view of a police officer while driving through a school zone, there was nothing the police could do. But things have changed. Now that the practice is illegal, people keep their phones hidden while they text and drive. So now, instead of the phone being up above the steering wheel where drivers can still see the road, they hold the phone down by their lap or under the steering wheel. This allows them to read or write a text out of view from the police.

The result of this behavior is deadly. Before driving while texting laws were implemented, drivers were only partially taking their eyes off the road. Now, since they must hide the behavior, their eyes are off the road completely. A very deadly combination.